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Where Friendships and Creations are Made

Julie Farver nurtured a dream of owning a quilt shop for nearly twenty years before opening the Quilted Oak Leaf in March of 2020. Julie, an enrolled citizen with the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians, began her love-affair with quilting in the early 2000’s. In 2008, Julie was tasked with making a series of quilts for Pokagon Band’s Family Welfare Commission for adoptions and family reunifications of Potawatomi children. This project was especially meaningful as quilts and blankets have long symbolized love, warmth, and protection within many indigenous communities. While creating those special quilts, Julie began imagining a gathering place where community members could participate in sewing classes and work on meaningful projects together. Julie’s dream of a unique “destination” quilt shop was born!

The Quilted Oak Leaf sells quality quilt fabrics, batting, rulers, mats, thread, and all other supplies any quilter requires. In addition to quilt supplies, the Quilted Oak Leaf also sells ribbon and satin to cater to the Native American community seeking materials for ribbon skirts and other traditional regalia. Additionally, the Quilted Oak Leaf hosts classes to teach beginners how to make bags, quilts, and more. The Quilted Oak Leaf is a one-stop-shop for quilters and ribbon skirt makers combined!

Located in the heart of Potawatomi country, the Quilted Oak Leaf can be found in Dowagiac, MI. The name, inspired by the oak leaf, is a common shape in Potawatomi applique. Julie even sews the oak leaf shape into her quilts as a personal signature. Through sewing and quilting, Julie found a creative outlet that has allowed her to engage in cultural activities, support local community members, and make new and valued friendships. Through the Quilted Oak Leaf, Julie realized a dream in creating a warm, friendly, and inspiring space for her fellow quilters!